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Welcome registered user! Now you have become a part of our family. Just like any other elder in the family, we would like to offer some sagely and grandmotherly advice on what to do and what to do more to find a suitable match. The golden rule is within your area of competence, your profile is read


Seven Generations

It is said that one has to look for seven generations of genealogy before accepting a matchmaking offer. While most of us look at it as orthodoxy, is there something else going on here?

Genealogy registers of families, maintained locally has been a subject of study for many years no


Hope - Two Souls One Journey

He is a scientist. She was taught to be a homemaker. He was educated in worldly sciences, she was well versed in life. He had everything given to him on a platter. She belonged to the kind that isn't made anymore. He came from a family of ancients. Hers is one of the forerunning families of her