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Build Your Profile - Build Your Self

Welcome registered user! Now you have become a part of our family. Just like any other elder in the family, we would like to offer some sagely and grandmotherly advice on what to do and what to do more to find a suitable match. The golden rule is within your area of competence, your profile is ready in a way that can be thought of ideal by a prospective match.

And, just like any other online web portal for matchmaking, start off with a good picture, of course here too. Our research data says those profile pictures that look natural have a better chance of responses than those taken with the sole purpose of wanting to look beautiful. Remember, beautiful is what you may see, but natural is what you get. Also, if possible, upload a picture with your family, most probably taken in your natural surroundings. However, keep your personal data personal for now.

Understand and be practical

Like that song which said, 'kaasu, duddu, panam, money money', respect other people's sensitivity towards braggarts and be genuine yet straightforward. The right partner, as we have seen, will come along. This input should serve as a reminder that money is essential, but it is not the only criterion that makes a match perfect. We, as matchmakers, are inclined to find you the right match, not the ones that are made of just money. Having said that, be practical about any disclosures you may make of financial aspect.

Upload all the details necessary and those that the system asks for. We will make sure to share that relevant data with prospective matches only when needed. Yes, we have a privacy policy, and we do take care of your data security seriously. Because we did, is why you are registered user, being able to build your profile. Unregistered users don't get to see the information of other registered members.

Become a self-made profile

Like John Watson said to Sherlock, those are the facts of the case - hardcore details necessary to build your profile. We will talk about your 'self'. The many facets of good profile have their roots in truth. Talk about being yourself truthfully. More importantly, talk about those things that interest you. What you look forward to and don't, as well.

Keep your preferences sorted out - the less in number, the better they are. Kudos on stating preferences as clearly as possible. For example, some people are early birds, and then there are night owls. If you are an early bird, be truthful about - a night owl may contact you for the fun and exciting times that could lie ahead. If you would like to do the dishes after dinner, let them know. Sweet nothings of fighting over the dishes will become memories that could become bedtime stories for your grandchildren later.

Make sure your profile is as sure as you are

Lastly, be open about your commitments early on. This sets the stage for your partner-to-be to know what they can expect. Nothing wrong in being cautious, there would be a lot of time later on for a lot of conversations - that's why they call it forever and after. Be available on our site - it shouldn't be a Jack and Jill going up the hill only to come down in a great fall. A prospective match when shows interest expects a quick response, brownie points for those who respond right away.

Let us know how you fare. Let us know for sure if nothing happens also. We are here to find you your life partner. Let us be of help in any way we can. If we can, we will. Remember, you can build a good profile when you are ready to show your 'true self' - after all, that is what will get those matches interested you in the first place.

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