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Hope - Two Souls One Journey

He is a scientist. She was taught to be a homemaker. He was educated in worldly sciences, she was well versed in life. He had everything given to him on a platter. She belonged to the kind that isn't made anymore. He came from a family of ancients. Hers is one of the forerunning families of her village.

When they were both of agreeable age, their parents started looking for a suitable match from far and near. Everyone of each of their acquaintances was aware that a bride and a groom looking are to start a new life. As per the customs of giving and take since yore, many conversations took place. Letters were posted, and trunk calls paced.

The search for a matchmaker began.

A matchmaker had to have three qualities. The first was to be trustworthy, the second was diplomacy. They had to be politically correct yet be able to convey any kind of train of thought into action. The last was integrity - this was non-negotiable, though. For our bride and groom here, such a matchmaker was fortunately found.

A few days later, the families of the duo met. The bride and groom did meet, as well. We don't know whether it was love at first sight. They did find something together which, due to their being young couldn't put their fingers on. There was a collecting voice of dissent from both the sides declaring that these two are as different as rock and rain, in every conceivable aspect.

The matchmaker, however, judged it correctly - that indefinable factor in the bride's and groom's eyes. It was 'hope'. The hope of wanting to travel together on a journey. And so, they got married.

Two sons, scores of years, and after a great time together they were left alone. Now was the time the couple realised to spend time together, again. Before the break of dawn, the then-bride-now-wife woke our man up and scurried him off with a muffler for a walk in the beach. In the afternoons, it was time for new language lessons, evenings the couple started to attend music sessions together.

Their voices might have been broken, grasping power and retention skills might have been rusted. The frail bodies might have found it challenging to pick up the connotations of music or understand the nuances of the new language. Nothing deterred them, though, thanks to the collective confidence drawn from each other's presence. They were together, and that's all that mattered.

On one such day of having lived together, the matchmaker was passing by and paid them a visit. He recalled fondly of those dissenting voices and his judgement about how these two would fare. While leaving after a cup of coffee, he smiled to himself. He felt a spring in his walk. His judgement about these two was proved right. Time showed that the undefined feeling he saw in them the first time they met was 'hope' indeed.

The matchmaker reminded himself that the integrity of oneself in this profession was the correct ingredient. As his father said, a matchmaker has to look for that singular undefined 'hope' in a bride and groom's eyes when they meet. Because that is what was going to chart the journey of those two souls, together.
We, at Shathamanm Matrimony, take this story as the blueprint of how we want to be perceived in the sector of matchmaking. What you see here has been designed with finding that 'hope' in your eyes.

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