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Seven Generations

It is said that one has to look for seven generations of genealogy before accepting a matchmaking offer. While most of us look at it as orthodoxy, is there something else going on here?

Genealogy registers of families, maintained locally has been a subject of study for many years now. These voluminous records have also been used in settling legal claims regarding inheritance or property disputes. As these records were held sacrosanct both by the families and local heads of the government.

In many places these records trace family history, for over twenty prior generations, stretching across many centuries. It soon also became customary for the family clusters to record each member of the family, along with their family tree, marriages and members present etc. They were later grouped according to family and home town.

And over the centuries, these registers became a critical genealogical source for many families, part of splintered families, in tracing their family tree and family history as well. At the time of matchmaking, these records were looked into to see genetic mismatches, trails of a disease etc.

A healthy descendant

The reason to maintain these records and have them looked at while matchmaking to produce a healthy descendant. In several cases, present-day descendants could be related genetically or not.

It is not uncommon for one to find details of up to or even more than one's past seven generations in these genealogy registers. Wherein any track of a disease or a health anomaly could be either treated with prior hand knowledge.

Nowadays, the joint family system has broken down, and people are preferring more nuclear families. Record keeping and bringing all relevant details regarding one's ancestral district and village, names of grandparents and great grandparents and marriages, births and deaths that have occurred in the extended family, even with as many details as possible of the families married into, is not happening.

This is why we see many disruptions and wayward failings in terms of matchmaking and marriages in general. Finding authentication of a profile you see on our website is by default, true and standing as against any degree of apprehension we find in today's society.

At Shathamanam Matrimony

A registered user is required to furnish one's family details in their profile for their future partners, their respective families to see. This step is to authenticate the updated entries, friends and other family members. This principle in thought and action deals with the fraudulent mishaps and the privacy concerns that a user may have.

Because of a simple reason that this practice has come from tradition doesn't mean it isn't scientific. We have seen and in fact, incorporated this fundamental into our user registration process to ensure the matches we make are more than two souls and one journey.

It is imperative that a user feels safe and secure while uploading their details. It is also equally crucial to be able to browse through the profiles visible on our site with the same bonafide confidence that they are real and verified. We stand by the truth of yes, they have been confirmed. Though we couldn't check their genealogy for generations, rest assured they are they say who they are.

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