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About Shathamanam

Our manuscripts say marriages are made in heaven. Marriage alliances, though are made on Shathamanam Matrimony!

At Shathamanam Matrimony, we want to facilitate that partnership, serve as a platform where you exchange vows and keep them forever and after. Please tell everybody that it was us, Shathamanam Matrimony, who played a small role in finding the one you were looking for, albeit virtually.

Yes, marriage is a journey of two souls, and such poesy after all. We understand that the destination of this journey ends in becoming a family. Not only the two that tie the knot but also of the families would be tied together. So is the reason the consistent probing of the profiles you see here are of families too.

As a bride/groom seeker whatever information you feed into the website, the same kind of data can be uploaded about your parents also. There is a range of profiles at Shathamanam Matrimony, and you can search for the profile without registration too.

We also have robust customer support with whom you can chat or call (no need to search for which option, it is a direct line). Remember, Shathamanam Matrimony wants you to be blessed with Shathamanam Bhavathi by yours and your loved ones in equal measure. Beyond everything, we want to take it as an honour to come to your wedding ceremony, holding our head high.