Why Shathamanam

Sathamanam means hundred - We went way and beyond a hundred ways to bring what you see on our website. In general, matrimonies stop at just finding a match. One of the ways we went beyond is to place ourselves at a spot where we begin the story of discovering more about the prospect you are interested in. Only strictly screened profiles will be made visible to you. The technology enables the display of only tested members in search results you see.

Marriage alliances are sacred - We took our security and privacy policies literally to heart. You can switch on/off a particular profile field, and it is entirely under your discretion. We don’t read the data you input, our technology does. Butwon’t allow us to do it. We use SSL encryption technology, securing all your payment-related transactions. Third-party sellers will not have access to your contact information. There is no fine print whatsoever.

Heavenly choices - We know you are here to find your partner for life. There are possibilities that you might not like them later on during the getting-to-know process. Mute, block or report them without them having to know about it. They will not know about it. Oh, you can pick up where you left irrespective of the device.

Earthly meet-ups - Find a match you like. Look at the family bio of the member and his/her family details too. See preferences like horoscope, Kundli, etc. Plan a meet-up either on screen or in person. Decide and let us know.

Keep in touch - As we said earlier, there are no strings attached. You could drop in for a cup of coffee. Invite us to your wedding and anniversaries thereof. We would come and bless you Sathamanam Bhavathi, No promises though! We would be happy that we helped you find your family. And no strings attached either.